Group Info

The Sea Space Symposium is an organization of eminent figures in government, industry and academia, specifically dedicated to the advancement of scientific research and development in sea and space.

S3 provides a vehicle by which leaders from involved research and development organizations can come together in companionship, to share their visions and mold their plans for the furthering of man’s most exciting challenges; the exploration and utilization of sea and space.

S3 was conceived in the fall of 1969 and established on February 27, 1970 by twelve founding members meeting on Grand Bahama Island and appropriately signing the charter on the bottom of the sea — with salt-waterproof paper and ink! The founding members associated with NASA’s APOLLO Program, wished to share and promulgate the inspiration and achievements of man’s first voyages to the Moon. The group has grown in the ensuing years from the original twelve to the present 60 and a distinguished alumnus of 25.  Membership is by invitation and based upon significant contribution to the fields of oceanic and/or aerospace science. The membership roster, past and present, is honored with some of the most prestigious names in sea and space exploration, both men and women, from government, industry and academia.

S3 has selected scuba diving as an associated recreational activity for its action-oriented members to provide a personal involvement and understanding of the sea. The combination of technical interchange and underwater experiences offer a stimulating intellectual environment. S3 normally meets twice a year in the spring and fall, at locations and facilities uniquely suited for technical exchange and scuba diving. Past locations include: The Dominican Republic, Grand Bahama; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; Cozumel, Mexico; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; Roatan, Honduras; Bonaire, Netherland Antilles; The Red Sea, Egypt; Palau, Truk Lagoon, Micronesia; Maui, Hawaii; Cairns, Australia; Malta; and many others. The organization remains committed to serious professional purpose, providing the opportunity for technical exchange that stimulates its members to advance technologies related to sea and space.